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A S S O C I A T E D  W O R K 

Yasmin La Bon for Red Magazine


Eva Herzigova for Grazia Italia

Skinny Bitch Collective for VOGUE Espana


George Clothing at Asda

TEAM GB Hockey for Hello! Magazine

John Newman 'Cheating' Music Promo

C A S E   S T U D Y 

Assisting makeup artist Ashley Ward was one of the highlights of my career. A true makeup artist legend, she came from a classic fashion era of 90’s supermodels, doing the Pirelli calendar in exotic locations like Barbados and 'not getting out of bed for less than ten thousand a day’. I had the pleasure of being her first assistant for a few months during my time in London, and for this particular photoshoot at Claridges, for the cover of Red Magazine with the stunning Yasmin Le Bon, and her three gorgeous children, shot by photographer David Gubert. Assisting is a valuable opportunity to watch a makeup artist master at work, and learn. On this particular shoot assisting Ashley, I watched her create effortlessly flawless, glowing makeup on Yasmin with all Chanel products. Ashley was sponsored by Chanel at the time. My role was to look after her kit, clean it, lay it all out beautifully and accessibly. Then I prepped skin for her, using Chanel cleanser & toner, patted down with a tissue before for a spritz of hydrating mist, all ready for Ashley’s to start work on their faces. for Yasmin, Ashley used a lushus green shimmer eyeshadow, dark brown pencil eyeliner and black mascara. She used her fingers for much of the makeup, a sign of a traditional fashion back ground, using cream blush, highlight and the Chanel hero product of the year ‘Soleil Tan De Chanel’ it all worked seamlessly on Yasmin’s skin. Yasmin’s younger daughters all had much more paired back makeup, their beautiful youthful skin working for them already! Ashley used neutral tones on the eyes, curled their lashes and finished with a pop of lip tint. Watching Ashley at work was an incredible experience, not only was she talented but also super lovely, I feel very lucky to have worked with her. She will be sorely missed. 

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