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Wedding Hair

Ibiza Bride Wedding Hair Styles

The very first thing I do when I work with a bride is ask her for a selfie of her hair, so I can see the length, and the texture.  The hair needs to be down in the picture so I can see how long it is, and also see the texture; whether it's fine, or it's thick, whether it's prone to frizz etc; I need to know her hair type from the start, and then I ask her to send me her hair inspiration pictures. from this, I will get an idea of what she's picturing in her mind that she wants, and in between those two pictures, her selfie, and her inspiration, we meet in the middle and I advise her what is achievable and also what is practical for the Ibiza weather.


I regularly work with a variety of hair types, and I have a huge range array of products in my kit that I can use to plump up, texturise, or smooth the hair. Most on-trend bridal hairstyles right now involve big volume and texture, with waves or curls in their hair. So, I will use curling tongs, hairspray and volume mousse to achieve these looks. Brides should also think about their hair colour, styles on blonde highlighted hair show detail and depth much more than dark/brunette hair so sometimes details can be lost, these styles can be made pretty with accessories or a veil.

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