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Male Grooming & hair styling
Breif: DJ John Digweed promo shots for Bedrock reunion
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C A S E  S T U D Y 


C A S E   S T U D Y

I was delighted to be asked by Pioneer DJ to be their makeup artist on their ‘Club Sound’ headphone campaign. We worked with two main models, and a club full of ‘party goers’ I loved this shoot as the makeup was dramatic, party makeup. Dark smokey eyes for the girls with M.A.C. pigment pots, with red and pink lipsticks from Urban Decay as the colours are so long lasting. I used lots of false lashes and beautiful contouring with highlighted cheek bones with Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Bronze & Glow on the cheeks, so the model’s features really stood out under the photographers lights. The male model was mixed race with gorgeous coco skin. I used a light NARS bronzer and a dark Touch Ecliat pen under his eyes, and that was it. Young skin is such a joy to work with! The ‘party goers’ did their own makeup and hair and then I checked them all over to make sure they all looked groomed and finished. We held the shoot in a London club so it really gave the right atmosphere and photographer Dan Reid was an expert at getting the final shots. Images in my gallery above. 



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