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C R A I G   D A V I D

Makeup Artist - Head of Dept 

M A R K  R O N S O N  &  L E X U S   2 0 1 7 

Makeup & Hair - Head of Dept

W I L L . I . A M   'T H I S  I S  L O V E'  2 0 1 2 

Makeup Artist 

D A V I D  G U E T T A "C O M P L I C A T E D "  2 0 1 7 

Hair Stylist Assistant

C A S E   S T U D Y 

When I was asked to run the hair and makeup department for the Mark Ronson LEXUS shoot, I was very excited. Mark Ronson being one of my favourite dance music producers of all time! Lexus had teamed up with Mark to launch the new LC/ The car is the Lexus flagship, and the advertising campaign was aptly named ‘Make your Mark’. The shoot took place here in Ibiza over a 7 day period, using locations such as the Church at Es Cubells, and the beach club down at Cala Carbo. The promo used 4 different locations with dancers doing dance routines in each. Lexus invited 90 motorsport journalists from around the world to test drive the Lexus and hit these locations along the way - in an immersive theatre experience. My role as lead makeup artist was to design the dancer’s hair and makeup looks, then train them in to the team of artists I was running at each location, we had beach dancers in bright lipsticks with big hair, and ‘builders’ on road works all greased up and dirty, two body poppers with simple makeup and funky hair, and finally a traditional ‘Spanish Wedding’ with salsa dancers and lots red liptick hair in buns and dramatic eyes. The big challenge on shoots like this, is to keep the dancers sweat from moving the makeup, powdering shiny foreheads and reapplying makeup constantly to keep it looking fresh. The final film looks great, not only showcasing the fun immersive theatre experience the campaign ran, but also our beautiful island here in Ibiza. 

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