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Ibiza Hair & Makeup

When I'm not doing weddings...

When I am not doing hair and makeup for brides at their Ibiza weddings, I am busy doing hair and makeup across the island for photoshoots, commercials, fashion shows and events. 


I work with a large variety of brands, celebrities and magazines during the summer months here on the island. Many clients do their shoots and campaigns in Ibiza because there are so many beautiful locations; beaches, villas, the old town, boutique hotels, the harbour, on a luxury yacht, in a church, you name it I have done a shoot there! 

Working with celebrities and production companies

I have worked with music artists like Craig David, and fashion models like Caprice. I love working on shoots and the buzz of doing something creative. Hair and makeup for photoshoots is generally a lot heavier than wedding makeup, as it needs to show up on camera. I use full coverage foundations and compact powders to keep skin looking flawless. When Pete Wicks shot his calendar here I styled his hair, tidied up any facial hair and made sure his skin looked good. And spent a lot of time running after him on set with tissues in case he got hot and perspired! 


Last summer saw me work for brands including Miss Guided, Gottex, and NAE Skincare, I can work with many models in a day, changing makeup looks multiple times, and always shadowing them on set to top up lipstick and powder so the hair and makeup is always perfect for every shot. 


We also get big film productions here, Idris Elba shot some scenes for his Netflix series here, production recruited local Ibiza hair and makeup artists to work with over 30 supporting artists for the club crowd scenes. I’ve also worked on a commercial with Mark Ronson for Lexus, and Craig David for his summer single shot at Ibiza Rocks Hotel. 

Makeup for the Ibiza nightlife scene

There is also an incredible nightlife scene here in Ibiza, on which the history and reputation of the island has been built! I have worked with some of the top clubs and promoters to style the dancers for Eden nightclub, Rumours as Destino owned by Pacha, Ocean Beach and Amnesia to name a few. As well as the dancers the party guests want glamming up too, and I have worked with glitter company In Your Dreams Ibiza to create unique makeup designs for guests at GlitterBox, Pacha, and Ushuaia. 


My work is really varied and I have a lot of hair and makeup experience in commercial work and shoots, as well as wedding makeup. I really enjoy doing the creative side of hair and makeup as well as the beauty. 


If you would like to see my commercial work you can head over to my freelance website and take a look, see if you recognise any faces or Ibiza locations in my hair & makeup portfolio! 

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