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And now for something completely different.....

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year; but here in Ibiza it is Halloween hands down. Even though its been a quiet season this year, for all of us that live and work on the island, Halloween signifies the end of the summer season. It goes without saying that Ibiza is an island full of creatives that love a party (ie creatures of the night!) so when you mix all of those ingredients together you’ve got a recipe for the best party imaginable! I am trained in special FX makeup and I absolutely LOVE all the gruesome gore and ghastly ghoulish faces I get to do for halloween! The crazy creative islanders go to town with their Halloween costumes; it is just so much fun. So for something a bit different this month, and a short break from all the bridal chat, here are a few of my favourite Halloween makeup looks…

Dia de los muertos I love doing this look as you can really go to town with the detailing drawing beautiful flowers and swirls and spider webs. I love adding extra embellishments of gems and biodegradable glitter for a really intricate and special look. I only ever use In Your Dreams Bio Glitter.

What’s great about using glitter and gems for Halloween is that they reflect all of the lights and lasers on the dance floor, for even more sparkle and party vibes.

Pumpkin Face Similarly I love adding gem embellishments to my work. As a makeup artist it allows me to go the extra mile; instead of standard Halloween costume makeup I can get creative with the detailing and shading to transform my client’s face into a really beautifully painted my client here. It’s a nice touch to add iridescent or metallics to add a shimmer to make the look a bit more exciting and fun.

Crazzzzy Cat Lady This is such a fun look, experimenting with zombie contact lenses is so fun, as they are so effective and really bring the costume up to the next level. I achieved the wolf claw slashes across the face using special FX makeup ‘3rd Degree’ its a putty cream that I sculpt to the face to make scars, and paint once dried, it looks so effective. And then the white out contact really pushes the look the extra mile. I’m proud of how grotesque this is! Working in an image conscious industry, it really is so fun to go the absolute opposite way once a year and celebrate the grim and gross decomposition of the body in a zombie look or wounded flesh, the more disgusting the better!

If you happen to be on the island this Halloween (lucky you) get in touch to book an appointment with me during the day and I can transform you and give you the look of your nightmares! If not, (I strongly recommend you join the party next year) but get some makeup inspiration on Pinterest and go wild.

Just once a year dive into the dark side.


Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

K x

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