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Need to know - Wedding Day Touch Up Kit Essentials

This one is for the Bride Tribe. Here is my guide for the absolute essentials for a Bridal Touch up kit. Rally your troops and share this with the Chief! This is a job for your Maid of Honour to organise and be in charge of to keep you looking your absolute best on your Ibiza Wedding Day from I do to the last dance! And an extra special treat this month for your Bridal party, I have teamed up again with Jean Alice Design robes, to bring you an exclusive client discount. If you book your wedding hair and makeup with me this month, you will also receive a fabulous 15% discount on ANY of their matching Bridal Party Robe Collection! Book with me by the end of September and you’ll receive a special discount code to use at their checkout. Have a look at their gorgeous robes here

...and now for the essential pieces of kit… TISSUES

It goes without saying really, but these are probably the most essential item for those tears of joy during the ceremony and those magic moments when you’re overcome with emotion or crying tears of laughter during the speeches. I’m welling up just thinking about it :)

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KIRBI GRIPS With me as your hairstylist you shouldn’t have a hair out of place but just in case you shake your stuff a little too hard on the dancefloor you may need a grip or two and a handy bridesmaid to get your Bridal hair back to preened perfection, so these are always handy, be sure to get the right colour match too.

SAFETY PINS Just in case anyone has a little zip mishap whilst throwing some shapes; it is Ibiza afterall! PLASTERS I stress again, dance floors can be very dangerous places! I do hope you and your Bridal party will have been wearing in your gorgeous wedding shoes around the house for months on end beforehand, but feet swell and sweat in the heat and to very prone to rubbing and getting blisters. You might also want some ‘party feet’ rubber insoles to put inside your shoes if the ball of your feet is burning in those heels. I personally use them all the time and they have been life savers.

LIP ESSENTIALS It goes without saying, with all that kissing, wedding cake scoffing and champagne sipping the Bride will require lippy top-ups so be sure to pop the right product in there for touch ups.

CHEWING GUM Not only because a Bride needs to have fresh breath, but also en route to the ceremony it’s a good idea to chew gum to help relieve the highly likely, pre ‘I do’ nerves.

TRAVEL SIZE ESSENTIALS You might want to have access to a little hairspray for an extra spruce. You may also want to consider miniature perfume and deodorant just to have the option of a spritz at some point, keep yourself fresh for those close up moments.

SHINE BUSTERS I always achieve a flawless finish but at some point in the heat, everyone gets a bit of natural shine. I gift you some blotting papers for your touchup kit, as part of the makeup, to pop in your bag, but you might want to include a powder compact for extra defence against shine, I recommend Mac Blot Powder as it is really light weight and doesn’t build so won’t leave your skin cakey.


If you’re wearing lashes, a small emergency lash glue is always wise. If you cry it can weaken the glue, and the heat can melt it, so to stop any lash hanging/falling off nightmares pop a glue in your bag - most false lashes are sold with a small glue included, and they are ideal handbag size too.

Well that’s you and your bridesmaids covered with the beauty touch-up kit essentials.

Perhaps more quintessential than essential, but Bridal party matching robes have become such a staple to get ready on the morning of, so don’t forget to take advantage of this fabulous discount; book your wedding hair & makeup with me, before the end of September and receive 15% off discount code to use on ANY of the Jean Alice personalised robes collection.

K xx

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Ibiza Access
Ibiza Access
Apr 06, 2021

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