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Beat that Heat!

An August Ibiza Wedding is always such a gorgeous day. The bluest of skies and glorious sunshine, without a single cloud; followed by that famous Balearic sunset... out of this world dreamy! The bright lighting makes for stunning wedding photographs and the flowers in bloom on the island in peak-season are such gorgeous bright colours, did I mention the jaw dropping Ibiza scenery? I could go on and on, you know how I love this island, but instead I'll get on with this month’s blog! With all of those incredible things to look forward to on your extra special Ibiza wedding day, there is just one issue to bare in mind; with all that sun comes the heat! And man it gets hot. 38.5 degrees last week. Talk about sweatbox city!

Here are my Bridal hair and makeup tips to keep your hair and Bridal makeup from sizzling on a scorcher of a day…

AGUA I cannot stress enough, the need to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink lots of water (in between quaffing champagne of course!) It’s a common misconception that the more water you drink the more you sweat. This isn’t true; keeping your body hydrated will keep your internal air conditioning unit working and actually help to beat the heat.

PRIME TIME Primers help to create lighter makeup looks with longevity which is absolutely the name of the game when it comes to Wedding makeup in general but especially in the heat. I always use a long lasting primer to keep that makeup from melting when the temperature rises, so you needn’t worry. My favourite primer is Stila One Step: it smooths and balances out skin tone and creates a good base for foundation to adhere too so it's really long lasting.

FRESH AIR I also absolutely swear by airbrush makeup. Airbrush foundation is silicone based so your skin cannot absorb it in the same way it absorbs water or oil based foundation (which is all other foundations on the market) This means that it is super long lasting, waterproof and very durable. Plus, it makes you look like a movie star, the result is so flawless, So alongside the primer, it works really well to lock in that base. It is essential that your makeup stays put and picture perfect right through to those final moments on the dancefloor, and you can absolutely rest assured that it will be, with Airbrush makeup.

WATER PROOF I always insist on waterproof wedding makeup so that your makeup doesn’t flow when your emotions start to. But in the August high temperatures waterproof doubles up as sweat resistant, so I use waterproof mascara and eyeliners, to beat that heat. I have nearly 10 years of experience as a make up artist and I use all of the knowledge I’ve gained over those years to ensure a flawless finish from beginning to end of your Ibiza Wedding. Here are some testimonials from some happy brides here.

HAIR RAISING Similarly, I use my decade of experience with Bridal hair to ensure yours stays looking fabulous rather than frizzy. The only person with a sweat on, on wedding morning should be me (!) so I really recommend Bridal Hair up-dos in August, keeping the hair off the neck helps keep you cool but also keeps hair away from sweat. I have some lovely style for Boho Bride hair styles in my May blog which you can see here.

Whatever style you would like to go for I like to prep the hair with anti-frizz and smooth the hair over with the blow drier, to keep your tresses looking tremendous on your Big day.

PREPARATION During your Bridal Hair trial I will assess your hair type and recommend the best cause of action to have your hair in the best condition to stand up against the heat on your wedding day. Using a deep conditioning mask in the months running up to wedding day is also recommended, to keep locks moisturised and shiny. Hair is best washed the night before wedding day, so it's prepped and ready for me to style.

Now you are armed with my beat the heat hair & makeup tips, all you need to do now is sit back and relax with a cocktail and enjoy that Ibiza sunshine!

K xx

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Ibiza Access
Ibiza Access
May 05, 2021

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