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The Ibiza wedding hair trend that will NEVER go out of fashion!

Summer has landed and although it's still quiet on the island with lockdown, I’m very hopeful about summer season here, as we see slowly see corona virus numbers getting under control and the curve flatten which is very positive news.

Every year I look forward to seeing all of the new wedding trends, from the newest style of dress, to the latest wedding cake designs. Every year there’s a new flavour and feel to ‘on trend’ nuptials; but there is one style that will never ever go out of fashion in Ibiza...Boho-Chic. Boho and Ibiza go hand in hand. Bohemian style encapsulates the island’s hippie roots and hedonistic spirit and the ethereal beauty of it’s landscape. And, I adore doing Boho Bridal hair! Here are my top 4 favourite styles for the ultimate Ibiza Boho Bride…

CASCADING WAVES Sometimes less is more, and the stunning simplicity of tousled ‘messy’ waves in a middle parting finished with a flower crown is the ultimate in Boho Bridal hair. An alternative accessory that also finishes this look perfectly is a head chain down the parting, either beaded or metallic with some sort of drop adornment in the middle of the forehead gives that real seasoned traveler vibe… a nod to the Indian Bridal style giving that feeling of bohemian, carefree wanderlust that the hippies brought to the island after following the trail back from India all those years ago. It’s ironic that this popular ‘undone - done’ look seems to be effortless, but it takes more effort than most hair styles! It's all in the time spent to prep the hair and get the right texture to star styling with. For something that looks so natural and carefree, it is also incredibly chic and elegant, just perfect for a wedding look.

The only downside of course is the heat… I would advise July and August brides to bare this in mind and think about having an up-do, as it’s so hot, but if you always wear your hair down and feel most comfortable this way then a half up half down is a happy medium.


To achieve the same tousled tresses and vibe whilst looking a bit more formal, incorporating a few braid into the the hair is ideal. Braids are so boho! I braid from front to back from the parting and build up several different braids, sometimes different kinds of braids, and then pin them all together at the back. This creates a half up do with those same stunning waves left cascading, just with a slightly more polished finish. And with the hair completely off the face leaves you that little bit cooler in the gorgeous Ibiza sunshine.

ONE SIDED BRAID Moving away from the middle parting but still maintaining the bohemian vibes: the big wavey mane and braiding; this style involves a deep side parting, I skull braid the smaller part, to achieve an ‘fake undercut’ look. I take the braid right down to behind the ear and secure with hidden pins. The other side I tease in gorgeous flowing waves for one sided, half up gorgeousness.


The fishtail braid; my favourite. So elegant, bit different, and very boho! I like to build up volume or even weave a few extensions into it for the ultimate full bodied, romantic vibe. One of the benefits to a fishtail braid is that it keeps you cooler in the heat than having your hair fully down whilst still giving the illusion of wearing your hair down. Again good for those July & August brides. With a sweeping fringe or curly tendrils it’s such a dreamy look. I also love weaving in a hair vine, or flowers throughout the braid; Ibiza Boho Bride perfection!


For the Bride that wants to keep cool in the Ibiza sun and show off her neck and decolletage, whilst still embodying that bohemian chic look, I really recommend a tousled halo braid up-do. I build and create either one large or several braids (using extensions if needed) to create a long braid that wraps around the head like a halo. Angelic, practical, romantic and absolutely stunning.

I LOVE working together with my brides with both style and practicality in mind, which is why I include hair trials in my packages. This is our space to collaborate, and work together to achieve your perfect hairstyle to wear with confidence on your wedding day without a single hair out of place. Be sure to come armed with lots of inspiration to your trial, and we will create together your desired dream ‘do’ for your special day!

K x

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