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Here Comes the Bride...and her Tribe!

One of the most special things about getting married is having your girl gang around you for support, share good times, and just reminisce on all of your amazing memories as you move into this next incredible chapter of your life.

I want to make your bridesmaids feel like the goddesses that they are, so here is my guide to bridesmaid beauty for your tremendous tribe on your Ibiza wedding day.

GO TEAM! And as an extra special celebration of your crew I have an exclusive offer in partnership with Jean Alice Design wedding gowns. When you book your wedding hair and makeup with me this, you will also receive a fabulous 15% discount on ANY of their matching Bridal Party Wedding Gown Collection! Along with your hair & makeup booking confirmation you will receive a special discount code to use at their checkout. Have a look at their gorgeous gowns here

GIRL POWER I am all about female empowerment… I value my female friendships as some of the most important relationships in my life. I believe in companionship over comparison; we are all different and should celebrate our differences! That’s why, although I will always work to the colour theme and vibe of the wedding and bridesmaid dresses; no two bridesmaid’s makeup will be identical. Each individual face is beautiful in its own way and I use makeup to celebrate each individual’s best features. During application I always work with each maid to tie in all of the key elements, keeping their best features at heart.

GO YOUR OWN WAY There are undeniably makeup trends that are seen time and time again, particularly with wedding makeup. In a similar vein to the above mentioned, I don’t believe all makeup trends suit every face. I also believe that looking your best means looking like the best version of you. Particularly if one bridesmaid isn’t used to wearing much makeup, whereas another is used to wearing Kardashian-esque contouring to the gym (!), we only look our best when we feel our best and most confident, so my job is making you feel comfortable and confident and beautiful in your own skin… YOU-nique.

SELF LOVE In the coming months, as a bridesmaid you will be pouring so much love and consideration into planning the perfect hen party and gifts and the like for your Bride but please don’t forget you cannot pour from an empty cup! You have to make sure you are practising self love and self care so that you can be fully there for the Bride when she needs you.

PREP TIME! Have a look at my Wedding Beauty Timeline so you can preen, pamper and prepare yourself in the run up to the day as all eyes and cameras are going to be on you and the rest of the Bride Tribe too! part of my Ibiza Bride Hair and Makeup packages I also provide all of my brides with my insiders guide of 'Ibiza Wedding Suppliers', giving you direct access to my personal network of contacts PLUS an alternative 'Wedding Activity Guide' of the island from an insider’s perspective. Both are invaluable tools to plan the perfect Ibiza Hen Party and Wedding Week on the island; ask your bride to share with you in the planning stages so you can plot and plan the best Ibiza Wedding ever. Don’t forget to book in before April 30th to get your 15% on matching Jean Alice Design Bridal Party Gowns for those perfect wedding morning photos!

K x

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Ibiza Access
Ibiza Access
25 mag 2021

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