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(I can't) Keep Calm - I'm Getting Married This Year!

January can be such a difficult time of year; cold weather and post Christmas comedown, too many mince pies and dark skies. Not this year though… because this is the year you’re getting married! Congratulations! This is YOUR YEAR!

As a celebratory gift, I’m giving all Brides-to-be that book my makeup and hair services for their Ibiza wedding in 2020 the discounted rate of my 2019 prices if you book by January 31st!

Go to my the 'Book Me' tab on my website to fill out a quote form and get your wedding date secured and discount locked in! Very exciting times aside, January is harsh and the abrupt and extreme changes in temperature, from freezing cold air to dry central heating can wreak havoc with your skin and hair and we can’t have that on your special year now can we?! Here are my top beauty tips for Brides-to-be on the best ways to up the self care to beat the cold.


As lush as a hot shower is on a winter morning, I’m sorry to say that regular use of really hot water is actually bad for your skin as it dries it out. Go for warm water instead, it may mean you have a shorter shower time… which will save wasting water as an added bonus! Obviously, goes without saying; be sure to use a really rich moisturiser to lock in the moisture after washing. Personally, I’m a real fan of using organic coconut oil straight out of the shower when your skin is still damp. Coconut oil can help repair and restore your skin’s natural barrier function….say goodbye to scaley winter skin! It is also brilliant to use on your nails and cuticles and can work as a great cleanser; which brings me to my next tip…


Face wipes are the worst! They don’t actually remove your makeup, just dissolve it and leave an array of nasty chemicals on your face! To make matters even worse; this so-called ‘staple’ is made of non biodegradable plastic fibres littering beaches worldwide; with a shocking estimated average of 35 wipes found per UK beach! Instead just warm some coconut oil in your hands and once liquified apply to your face, wipe away with a warm wet cloth and have a guilt free, chemical free rinse with warm water.

HYDRATE Aim to drink 2-3 litres of water everyday… not only will your skin be glowing but the health benefits are enormous. Your BIG DAY is approaching so keep yourself hydrated these next few months and your glowing skin will add to your radiance as you shine down the aisle.

WRAP IT UP Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc with your locks, not to mention the dreaded frizz from damp so it’s always a good idea to wear a hat and wrap up those locks in a scarf. However, beware that although this provides protection from the elements, a build up of sweat on your scalp can cause irritation and lead to dandruff… so just keep an eye on that and reach for the head and shoulders if needed :)

WET HAIR DO CARE Finally, Without wanting to sound like your Mum, NEVER EVER leave the house with wet hair! Here comes the science bit… hair strands are vulnerable when wet, the water molecules make the hair expand in cold temperatures which can lead to breakage. Either let your hair dry naturally to avoid heat damage or invest in a hair dryer with a temperature sensor that adjusts the heat to prevent damage. My favourite is the Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer by Panasonic. This bad boy tackles split ends, makes your hair shine, and prevents frizz! All singing all dancing… just like you on the dancefloor at your Ibiza wedding this summer!

I hope to turn you into the Balearic Bride of your dreams on the white isle… don’t forget to take advantage of my special offer before the end of the month. Keep warm and roll on the Summer!

K x

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