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Magical Makeup & Ethereal Looks for the Boho Ibiza Bride

Following on from last month’s blog about Boho Bridal Hair it’s time to talk make-up. As previously mentioned, boho-chic is a style influenced by both hippie and bohemian ideals; which is why many Ibiza Brides are inspired by this style, it is so intrinsic to both the history and ethos of the magical white isle. To tie in with the free-flowing waves and whimsical wonderfulness of all those braids, the perfect Boho-chic Bridal make up needs to feel elegant and effortless but fun and free. That said, you are still a bride, which means that feeling chic and polished are equally essential.

Here are some of my favourite looks to marry all of these elements together for the ultimate in Boho Bridal make up when you marry your groom at your Ibiza Wedding.


Bohemian beauty is ethereal, so an otherworldly glow is absolutely vital to achieve that nymph-in-nature feel and enhance your beauty to glow in the sunshine and stunning scenery surrounding you on the magical island on your special day. I work with your natural skin tone and colouring to pick the warmth of tone to highlight and shimmer to achieve a beautiful boho radiance.

AT ONE WITH NATURE The very essence of boho is natural beauty, so just like with the hairstyles of the previous Boho Bride blog I work on making your makeup look as natural as possible whilst enhancing your features and highlighting your unique beauty. Think ‘I woke up like this’ meets flawless and polished. A nude lip is a boho bridal makeup essential, in either mat or gloss it gives a perfect finish whilst still looking natural. Think Kate Moss and Sienna Miller effortless chic… both Ibiza regulars here might I add!

GOLDEN GODDESS Whether you would prefer a ‘barely there’ shimmer on the eyes, and a highlighted pop or a full golden smokey eye… Boho Bridal Makeup is all about the gold lids. This ties in, not just the ethereal goddess feel, but is also a compliment to the hedonistic party vibe of the island. Perhaps you might even want to consider a touch of glitter for a festival vibe, I only ever use biodegradable glitter and work with some stunning glitter by In Your Dreams for guilt free sparkle; particularly great for the afterparty!

BOHEMIAN BLACK I know black isn’t something that normally springs to mind with Bridal make up but eyeliner is both bohemian and a nod to the rebellious nature of Ibiza’a hedonism. So a nice black smudgey undereye is a great touch for that real Boho vibe and a slight rock chick edge to finish off that golden smokey eye. A makeup trial is essential on our journey to finding what works for you and enhance what you already have. I want to bring in all of these elements to create the look you want whilst still making you feel like you, enhancing your natural beauty whilst making you feel the prettiest you’ve ever felt, and still feel like yourself: the most beautiful Balearic Boho Bride.

K x

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