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The count down is on!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

This is such an exciting time crossing off the days on the calendar leading up to the BIG one. Everyone knows weddings take a lot of time, preparation and approximately 55,000 lists to plan… just don’t forget to make yourself a priority! Put you looking and feeling your best for that aisle-walk at the very top of your to-do list. With all the dress fittings, cake tastings and shoe-shopping, these next 6 months are going to fly by; and it will be ‘I do day’ quicker than you can say HERE COMES THE BRIDE! But don’t panic... you have plenty of time to get your hair shining and your skin glowing; just remember to make your beauty plan as much of a priority as your table plan. I’m an international and celebrity make up artist and hairstylist, but my passion is Bridal beauty! Here are my top tips to make sure you time everything just right and don’t forget the little things, like packing tweezers, to make sure you are the beach bride of your dreams.

You can achieve your optimum goddess-like canvas by starting a new self care regime now. Your skin, hair and wedding photos will thank you for it!

Here’s my 12 month Bridal beauty countdown...

GET THAT GLOW GURRRL I recommend using a facial oil before you go to bed each night. I love Neal’s Yard Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil; It nourishes and revitalises all skin types (including oily). Neal’s Yard products are made from ethically sourced sustainable ingredients, the use of which support communities all over the world. You can sleep easy at night knowing not only that your skin is soaking in all that moisture for a flawless finish, but also that you’re doing your bit for the planet which is totally aligned with my ethics. Love your skin and love our planet, the stuff dreams are made of! Zzzzzzz 📷📷 Alongside your nightly facial oil I highly recommend investing in a facial serum that contains hyaluronic acid to be used in the morning. I appreciate this may sound more like something for a chemistry set than your face but there are enormous benefits! This is a favourite with dermatologists for it’s INCREDIBLE hydrating abilities. I recommend Poppy Austin’s Hyaluronic Acid Restoration Serum with Vitamin C and Green Tea. Alongside it’s incredible skin rejuvenation qualities, this miraculous potion is vegan certified, cruelty free and organic to boot. SLEEK HAIR DO CARE Starting and following this hair care regime for the next 6 months will make all the difference to achieving the perfect maine for the main event.

With so much on your mind tick one thing off the neverending ‘I do’ list by booking in your hair care appointments now and setting reminders in your calendar. I recommend a trim every four to six weeks and it’s really important to get your hair coloured no more than 2 weeks but no less than 10 days before your wedding day. This allows the colour and your hair to settle. Moisture is key once again; so I highly recommend investing in a hair mask like Virtue’s Alpha Keratin 60ku Restorative Treatment Mask. Virtue call this hair mask ‘liquid magic’, and as the key ingredient is a plant based protein that’s almost identical to the one found naturally in our hair, it’s easy to see why! Whatever your hair type this amazing product will restore your split ends, give volume to fine hair, de-frizz curly hair… basically, whatever tresses you have been blessed with: incorporating this product to your hair care routine, teamed with regular trims over these next 6 months will pave the way to your dream Bridal barnet. 📷 GET YOUR SCRUB ON

Use a body scrub once a week for the next six months, followed by an intense body moisturiser. Be sure to also practice this ritual on Wedding Day Eve to ensure the areas your beautiful dress exposes; such as your arms, decollage, shoulders and back are glowing. My personal favourite tub scrub is Herbivore’s Coco Rose Body Polish, with it’s super hydrating extra virgin coconut oil, heavenly scent and luxurious texture, it’s a totally home spa experience. This product detoxes, cleanses and exfoliates all at the same time whilst being vegan, cruelty free and synthetic free! WOW! 📷 📷 As for Body moisturiser I adore Brazilliant Bum Bum Cream by Sol De Janeiro… and not just because I love the name! This body moisturise boast a lush scent as nutty as it’s name. It’s moisture rich formula also contains guarana. This native Amazonian plant contains more caffeine than coffee which stimulates blood flow and in turn reduces cellulite, leaving your skin looking silky smooth and extra toned. LOVE YOU With all the pre wedding madness it is easy to forget the basics, so here’s a reminder… drink lots of water, move your body daily, get lots of sleep, eat healthy, nourishing food. Invest in your own well being, both physically and mentally; whatever that looks like for you. Most importantly, never forget that a wedding is a celebration of practice lots of self love in the run up and you will shine on your special day.


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