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As it’s Mother’s Day this month I’ve decided to treat Mother of the Brides and Mother of the Grooms! Below are my hair and make up tips to help your Mums feel flawless and fabulous at your Ibiza wedding! - please feel free to share this blog with them and as a Mother’s Day gift I am offering a 20% discount off hair and make up booking for Mothers up until the end of this month!

This one goes out to the Mums...

Prep your skin

As mother of the Bride or Groom, Your child’s wedding is a big day for you too, and there will be so many photos and videos taken that you’re going to want to look your absolute best for. I really recommend starting a good skincare regime not just in the weeks, but in the months leading up to the wedding. Follow this link to see my twelve month Bridal Beauty Timeline and start pampering yourself as if you were the Bride to be with the regime recommended your hair and skin will be glowing as much as the Bride’s in all those photos.

All about the base

The months of skincare prep will have given us the perfect canvas to work with and I will achieve an utterly flawless finish that will last all day long. On the wedding day we will work together to find the perfect base for your skin tone and skin type. I really recommend something with a bit of a glow underneath your foundation, I like to use Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins to help illuminate the skin, and then use a soft satin finish foundation like Clinique's Super Balanced Foundation. This gives you that radiant finish and will diffuse any lines you may have. I then finish with a light dusting of powder to hold it all in place.

Lippy you love I feel it’s so important not to necessarily match your lipstick with your outfit, but instead to pick a colour that really suits you, and that you feel really comfortable wearing. As a rule of thumb matte lipstick is flattering for all ages; and generally looks a lot more chic than gloss or metallic. The latter can actually be ageing; emphasising any creases and giving a slightly brassy rather than classy finish, plus it is more prone to seeping into fine lines around the mouth and so requires more maintenance during the day.

Stay natural

Neutral shades look best on the eyes as they look flattering at any age and feels fitting for the occasion. My go-to for Mothers would be a nice neutral shade on the lid with a pop of darker natural brown in the crease line. I also tend to fill in the brows a little for a soft and natural look. I tend to steer clear of the sparkle as again this can highlight wrinkles… save the glitter for the dance floor!

Prepare for waterworks! Whether it’s from laughter or a really touching moment; at one point (probably several points) during the day it’s pretty much a given you will be moved to tears. Using a primer on your make up, and waterproof mascara and eyeliner will be sure those tears can flow freely without your makeup ruining with it.

Be Yourself Your child’s wedding day is one of the happiest days of your entire life, and as an added bonus you will be celebrating it in Ibiza. Yes, you are going to want to look your best; but remember this means you should look like the best version of yourself. Look for inspiration on Pinterest or in wedding blogs and magazines and we can tie the elements into a look that works best for you personally. I will ensure that we highlight your natural beauty, because that is how to look your very best. If you’re someone who doesn’t usually wear much makeup, you might feel uncomfortable with a full face of slap on. If you’re uncomfortable, you will not feel you best and in turn will not look your best either. It is my number one priority to make sure you feel beautiful, happy and confident with your hair and make up on such a special day.

Getting it right

It is essential to ensure we get you looking and feeling exactly how you want to. On the big day we will talk through different styles and use products suited to your hair and skin type until we reach perfection, so that you can feel amazing at the wedding. Please bring any inspirational images you like and want to show me, as an example. I will incorporate any headwear that you’re wearing into a gorgeous hair style for you; and will also tie in the colours of what you will be wearing to your make up, alongside working with your natural skin and eye colour to marry all of the elements of your look together.

Don’t forget to book my wedding hair and makeup services before the end of this month to take advantage of the 20% discount for Mum’s before the end of March.

Happy Mothers Day!

K xx

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